Update on the Chickens!!!!

Hello everyone! As you probably know if you follow my blog, about two months ago I got chickens and made a post when we got them home. This post is going to be talking about how they are doing, their coop,  and them!

So first of all, the chickens are doing wonderful. They are getting along very well and are enjoying their habitat very much. They are getting quality food and clean water.

The chickens in there habitat. Taken by me.

The chickens habitat has a large coop for shelter during a storm. In the habitat there is a roost(provides plenty of roosting space), Lots of floor space, two opening and closing vents, and four nesting boxes with a hatch in the bag that opens for collecting eggs.

The chickens’s habitat.
Photos taken by me.

Also, the chickens are nearing laying maturity! In a few weeks, they should be laying! It will be a very exiting moment and I will make a post when it happens.

10 thoughts on “Update on the Chickens!!!!

  1. Dear Riley,

    Thanks for reading my blog! To answer your question, I am actually a vegetarian but if I wasn’t, I probably would have stopped anyway.


    • Ben,

      I echo Kenna’s question, what inspired your family to get chickens? Have they started laying eggs yet? Did you know that Dr. Shebalin is going to be bringing chickens to our school? You should talk to her and share some of your vast knowledge – maybe you could even give some ideas about the coop!

      Ms. Mack

      • Dear Ms. Mack,

        My family was inspired to get chickens because at the farm I went to, they have chickens and they seemed fun to raise. Also, we all love animals and wanted eggs of course! Dr. Shebalin did tell me about the chickens and I told her if she needs advice, I could tell her some tips and information about raising chickens and lend her my chicken book. I am really exited for the chickens at our school!


  2. Hi Ben,
    I’m getting back a bit late but you commented on my rant about my brother post and I never got back to you. Sorry. I think chickens look very cute in the photos you took there but I have had some brutal experience with them. This is probably why I hate birds of any type and scared I’m going to get pecked to death by one of them. Do they have names? If so, what are their names?

    Happy blogging,
    Figgy x

    p.s here’s the link to my blog if you’d like to comment again, http://fengfanw618.edublogs.org/

    • Hi Figgy,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, my family has named three of the four. The names are, Princess, Sarge (I know it’s a wierd name, it wasn’t my Idea!), and Henrieta. We are still Indecisive on the fourth name and how we are going to tell each one apart. Also, sorry about your experience with birds of this type.


  3. Dear Figgy,

    Sorry I got back to you so late. The chickens do actually have a breed. They are Rhode Island Red Chickens.


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